ktbabe3724 (ktbabe3724) wrote in what_i_think,

forgot to mention

also forgot to mention that my dad and i went out to breakfast this morning and that was awesome... we talked about how the economy of southern asia was going to do after the tsunamis and about my depression and relationships and... it was awesome. it really was.

AND... on the letters in my last post where it says "david klinger' that's me... that's just the name on my outgoing mail...

there was something else... oh yeah... i'm a little bit worred that robin got upset with the things i wrote in that letter... the last thing he did was answer to my request of him giving me my numbers off of the cell phone... and he did that... and i sent him "thank you..." he's never online so i assume he just blocked me... i wonder if i should write him an email... probably not though right? just let it settle some more? i'm really curious about it though... who knows?
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