ktbabe3724 (ktbabe3724) wrote in what_i_think,

Answer to the question, "What do you do to make a statement in your life?"

To make a statement in my life I am trying to be as "me" as I possibly can. It does seem to be an interesting concept, even one that people deem "cliche." However, it is what I am doing to make a statement. There is a part of me I wish wasn't so prominent. I am one of those people who takes medication to function each and every day; two pills to sleep at night, and two pills to make sure my days aren't filled with holographic sadness, anxiety, and anger. I get up each day, and fight off what the medications can't, and with that I am making a statement. I surround myself with people who can make me laugh and smile, and do what I can to return the morsels of happiness. I do random things like grab people and dance with them, start singing, skip across the room, and laugh exaggeratingly at lame jokes. With each random act, each giggle, and each day, I do what I can to make a statement.
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